About us

The story of our team, the beginning of something great


Big journey ahead!

Dicey Dragon Games began it's life designing board games. However we decided to go in a completely different direction and develop our own role playing games. We now host, facilitate and teach narrative tabletop roleplaying games for new and regular players  


Dicey Dragon Games is now designing it's own roleplaying game system which is slated to release in November 2021


Daniel Bodle

Creative Director

Daniel has spend the majority of his working life in the Customer Service IT & Security industry. However his downtime has been spent creating fantasy worlds. He made the jump to create Dicey Dragon Games in 2016 to honour the memory of his late cousin Ryan Bodle to provide a platform for Ryans stories and imagination.

Shaun Hinton
Mechanics & Sytem Designer

Shaun has been playing tabletop roleplaying games for years and has an in-depth knowledge of system design, game mechanics and production. He joined Dicey Dragon Games in early 2017. In his spare time he likes playing computer games