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Sunday 15th August 2021


Although Dicey Dragon Games has been operating for nearly three years, we thought it a good idea to keep you all apprised of what we are up too and a blog seemed like the best idea.

At the present time, our Ealdspell Tabletop Role-Playing Game System has entered the Alpha stage of testing. We achieved proof of concept on the 25th of July 2021

Ealdspell has been a long time coming, we have scrapped at least three system models that just did not work for us. Some of you may remember the Dicing with FATE System and whilst Evil Hat were marvellous in allowing us to use parts of their own FATE system to power our games, it just did not feel like we were creating something of our own (well we weren't).

Ealdspell is a 3D6 system that is completely open. The only limitation will be your own groups imagination. It's a simple but powerful set of tools designed to power your own games or stories. THE BIG DIFFERENCE. It will take you less than half an hour to learn the whole system.....WOW.

This page will be updated regularly so do keep reading.